2022 VADACC Volunteer Opportunities & Rules

• One hour for each article submitted to the Collective Marks newsletter
• Actual hours spent for each board or general membership meeting attended (will be checked against secretary’s report)
• Actual hours spent for each VADACC committee meeting attended
• Actual hours spent for carrying out duties of a VADACC office or committee
Actual hours working at a VADACC hosted event, such as clinics or annual banquet, licensed show, or JR/YR event
• Actual hours spent teaching a VADACC clinic
• Actual hours spent with VADACC JR/YR program meetings or events
• Actual hours spent for allowing VADACC to use your facility (no rental or rider fees) for a VADACC event, max of 12 hours per event
• Actual hours spent assisting a board member with VADACC activity
• One hour for sponsoring a class at Dressage at the Meadow (minimum of $50)
• One hour for obtaining a sponsor/advertiser for Dressage at the Meadow (minimum of $50)
• One hour for recruiting one new VADACC member (new member must list recruiting member on membership application)


• Volunteer hours are credited to active members only. The rider, family member or horse owner may fulfill the volunteer requirement as long as that person is a VADACC member.
• Volunteer hours can only be donated to a family member or someone affiliated with the rider or horse. You must request a volunteer form to donate hours prior to November 15th of the award year.
• The volunteer is responsible for reporting their hours earned to the volunteer coordinator via the volunteer form located on the website.
• Hours may only be earned at VADACC events or for carrying out duties for the VADACC board.
• Volunteer hours must be earned/applied in the same membership year (Dec 1 – Nov 30)
• All volunteer activities must be submitted via the volunteer form within 60 days of event – Any events recorded after 60 days will be removed from the form